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Helping Keith enjoy life again

Posted on 2019-11-12 15:10:00 in General

Keith, husband, family man and former British Telecomm worker has spent years struggling to hear clearly and increasingly struggled in social situations, including being able to enjoy conversations with his wife at the dinner table.

After years of his family encouraging him to have his hearing tested, Keith took the plunge and contacted Chime. Keith has now been using his hearing aids for over 8 months and is enjoying his newfound hearing and how easily his hearing aids fit into his lifestyle.

"I've found my new hearing aids to be excellent. I can hear things I couldn't hear before. I appreciate the way that the hearing aids gradually allowed me to adjust to full hearing again. Some sounds and noises were unexpected!"

"Using my hearing aids is simple and effective. Putting them in is now just part of my morning routine. I have spare batteries in strategic places, such as the glove box of the car and my holiday toiletries bag, so I can replace them when needed, even if I'm away from home".

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