Children's Hearing

Multi-Agency Working

Chime Social Enterprise works closely with other professionals from health, education and social care to ensure the best ongoing care and support for children with a hearing impairment.


The reasons for referral to other professionals will always be discussed with parents and for some referrals written consent may be needed.

Some of the other people who may be involved in your child’s care are:

ENT Consultant: A doctor who specialises in ear, nose and throat. They are involved in the diagnosis of type of hearing loss and any ongoing medical treatment or investigations relating to the ears.

Advisory Teachers of the Deaf: They offer guidance on a range of issues appropriate for your child’s age and needs from birth to 19 years of age. They provide regular support for children with a moderate, severe or profound hearing loss but they can also offer advice to others. They may visit you and your child at home, nursery or school to provide regular support.

Speech and Language Therapist: They help children with communication skills – developing speech or other communication systems.

Paediatrician: A doctor who sees children and ensures they receive appropriate diagnosis and treatment. They help to identify the underlying cause of the hearing loss through examination and history taking and other appropriate investigations.

Opthalmologist: A doctor who specialises in assessing the eye.

Geneticist: A doctor who specialises in investigating the genetic cause of a disability.

Social Worker: They can provide practical help and advice about counselling, transport, home help, obtaining equipment and other services.

School SENCo: They coordinate provision within a school for children with additional needs including hearing loss to help them access learning.

The Children’s Hearing Services Working Group (CHSWG)

A multi-agency group comprising of professionals from health, education and social care as well as parents and voluntary sector representatives who meet regularly to review services provided in this area for hearing impaired children. The group works towards improving current services offered to families. See below.

Happy Hands

Happy Hands is a pre- school parent and toddler group for families with hearing impaired children. It is run by the education service and an audiologist regularly attends to take impressions for new earmoulds. It is an opportunity to discuss concerns and share ideas with professionals and other parents. There is a story and song time where sign language is used as well as speech.

Exeter, East & Mid Devon

Children’s Hearing Services Working Group

Who are we?
We are a committed group of Health, Education and Social care professionals, Parents and Voluntary sector representatives who work together to improve services for deaf and hearing impaired children and their families in this area.

We are keen to hear your views on local services to help us continue to improve.

What do we do?
We meet regularly to discuss service updates and review provision for the changing needs of children with hearing loss and their families. Where there are areas of general concern we work together to try and address any issues and continually strive to improve outcomes across the service. This group, along with other groups in Devon, feed in to Devon and Cornwall Children’s Hearing Services Forum.

Where do we meet?
Currently we meet at both ERADE school and Countess Wear school. Refreshments are provided. Sadly we cannot provide child care facilities however parents attending meetings are able to claim back travel and child care costs.

Currently we meet four times a year for 3 hours, usually on a Thursday morning – dates available on request.

How can I be involved?
If you are interested in joining the group or if you would like more information on the group please contact Caroline Payne, Audiology Department , RD&E Hospital (Wonford) Telephone: 01392 402223 e-mail:

Feedback can be through direct professional contact or by attending a meeting and seeing how we work – your input is welcome.